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Cutterheads and cutterblocks

Frezite has produced most of the cutterheads and cutterblocks which are delivered from Profil Værktøj A/S. The quality of the tools is very high and the company is known all over the world for their professionalism and expertise.

Profil Værktøj A/S has a very wide assortment of standard cutterheads and cutterblocks. Apart from the standard cutters we also design and produce special cutterheads, exactly like the customer wants them. We are able to supply almost every kind of special tool.

The main part of the standard cutters are in our stock and can be sent the same day as they are ordered.

Profil Værktøj A/S assortment of cutterheads and cutterblocks with and without turnblades includes:

Groovers, adjustable groovers, rebating cutters, jointing cutterheads, glue joint cutterblocks, radius cutters and profile cutters.

Profil Værktøj A/S Tjelevej 38, Tjørring 7400 Herning DanskEnglish Tlf.: 96 26 14 00 Fax: 96 26 14 01 profil@p-v.dk