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Tooling for windows production

Fast conversion and flexibility are the key-words for window tools with reversible knives produced by Frezite. Profil Værktøj A/S has assisted in the development and design of the tools. This means that these tools are carefully adjusted to the special demands in Denmark. The tools fits all standard mountings.

Frezite window tools can be used on all types of spindle machines in both small and large productions.

Frezite has like no other supplier understood the importance of, that all details must be perfect to make the use of the tools as easy as possible.

Among other things Frezite window tools are known for being:

  • With TCT reversible knives in micro grain quality, which gives a long durability.
  • Zero point set in both height and diameter, which supports quick change of tools.
  • Noise reduced, which gives a better working enviroment.
  • With reversible knives, which means no grinding and always the same diameter and kerf thickness.
  • With axial angle, which gives a nice finish on all sides.

In stock we keep complete sets of tools for both IPA and PN, with both 30 and 40 mm bore. Other solutions can be produced and delivered with a very short delivery time.

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