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Dowel drills  

CMT is our supplier of dowel drills. We keep almost all standard sizes of dowel drills in TCT with shank 8 and 10 mm on stock. Our dowel drills are produced of the best rawmaterials and are made in a very high quality.

Our drills are known for a very long performance and makes a stable and exact piece of work with a very good finish.

We supply the following dowel drills and ascessories:

  • Standard dowel drills with single flute in the length 57,5 - 70 - 77 - 85 - 105mm.
  • Dowel drills with double flute in chosen sizes.
  • Dowel drills in solid TCT with radial relief. These drills have extra long durability and faster feed speed.
  • Through hole drills in all standard sizes.
  • Hinge boring bits in all standard sizes.
  • Drill holders for all dowel drills and hinge boring bits.
  • Countersinks with shank 10mm or for tightning on the flute.

Profil Værktøj A/S also produce special drills after demand - with very short delivery time.

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