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Diamond Tools

A complete range of diamond blades, grinding wheels, core bits, segments and wire - sourced from own production and Ehwa Diamond, South Korea.

A compleate range of other tools e.g. reciprocation blades, jigsaw blades, cut-off wheels, floor grinding products etc.

General purpose blade or special blade?
When sawing in typical building materail like comcrete and masonry a general purpose blade normally works fine also in hard materials like granite. In abrasive materials like asphalt it will cut fast but with a shorter lifetime.
With extensive or frequently repeated works it pays to chose a diamond blade specially suited for the job. When sawing in ceramic materials, for example, it has to be a continuous rim blade to avoid the material being chipped.

Quality and price level?
In our range we have blades in many different quality and price levels. For small jobs and for Do-it-yourself a cheap blade can be enough but for a professional use a high quality diamond blade is to prefere while it offers a higher cutting speed and longer life. On top of that you gain a wider range og applications.

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